Your goal is to impress your guests.  Our goal is to impress you.


Kardon Events  is a full-service event planning company.  We’re here to help you achieve the memorable event you’ve dreamed of; as much or as little as you want and within your budget.  We offer unique packages and services so that you can create ‘your event your way’.


Whether you are planning a private dinner for two or a fundraiser for thousands, just leave the details to us and get ready for a great time with your guests!

Send invitations, obtain estimates, compare menus, run around town, shop online, order… everything, pickup decorations, get the cake, receive your vendors, get the door, close the gate, ice the drinks, set the table, open the wine, rinse the dishes, sit, stand, spin, OR…
Time is money.  Not my time, your time.  How much is your time worth?  And how much worth do you place on your quality time?  Never think you can’t afford a planner or don’t deserve one.  Not only can the planner take the worry out of planning your event, but a capable planner can save you actual dollars.  Experience and the proper network of vendors can create the ambiance you seek within a budget we set.
What do you consider an event to be?  It can be grandiose with a guest list of hundreds or thousands even.  It can also be a dinner for a small team.  What about a girls or boys night out or a weekend excursion?  Dinner with your spouse can be an event if you do it right.  Kardon Events can help you with your event, your way.
A location, tables and chairs, perhaps a tent, a caterer, flowers, decorations, photographers often work together during events.  Kardon Events coordinates a wide array of vendors that all have the same direction and goal: a successful event.  From setup to teardown, our people work as a team under one Event Manager so that you have nothing to do except enjoy your event.